Guest Welcome Door Bell Infrared

Wireless Door Bell Infrared Guest Welcome Alarm Chime Motion Sensor Detector

1.Low power consumption.

2.Can Be Used As Chime Or Alarm.(talk in English)

3.Extra ordinary performance, energy saving and easy to use.

4.Suitable For Home, Office, Unit, Shed, Conservatory, Garage, Sectional Building etc. 

5.Mounting height is adjust to 2M or so, mounted on the corner of the room is preferable. Survey horizontal angle 84°.

6.Advanced microcomputer technology and automatic human sensitivity are applied to the quest saluting and alarm door bell. 

7.This motion detecting guest saluting alarm doorbell not only bring happiness to customers, but also bring security sense to hosts.

8.Strong sensitivity, non-mislead and anti-interference technology make it effectively detect the movement of the human in the detecting area of all environments. 

9.Meets different needs. It's suitable for dwelling house, tier building, multiple apartment, hotels, factories,  hospitals or any other places. It doesn't only bring convenience but also the be at all happiness and security sense. 



1.When the doorbell is not use. Switch to the "OFF".

2.When the doorbell is used for quest saluting. Switch to the "CHIME". Install it at the top of the door or on the wall and adjust the detector to the suitable position. So when the quest comes into the detecting area, it will sound "HELLO, WELCOME".

3.When the doorbell is used for alarm. switch to the "ALARM". The detector should face such place that is easy for the thief to enter into as the balcony, the window and the stairway. The height of the detector should be adjusted, so that the doorbell will alarm when the thief sneaks into the house.



Color: White

Net Weight: 103g

Detection Range: 6-10metres 

Detection Angle: 84 Degrees 

Alarming Sound Depth: 75-95DB 

Operating Temperature: -10 Ro +45 Degrees 

Dimension: Approx.8.1(L) x 8.6(H) x 4.3(W)cm

Power Supply: 3 x 1.5V AA Batteries (Not included) 

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